“Leanient is dedicated to providing solutions that make agile software development more efficient. They are consistently in tune with the needs of their customers.” - Joe

Finally a tool that adapts to your process while giving visibility to the entire development life cycle. Facilitates better communication through superior data handling enabling accurate project tracking!

Leanient - Features


Backlog Management

Leanient - Backlogs Leanient's Backlog Manager provides easy access to your work whether you are managing one or many teams. Our approach allows you to create backlog collections or share backlogs with co-workers and simplifies even the most complex projects with an intuitive user interface. Multi-tier story structures can be traversed with just a couple button clicks and our graphical tools help you to easily see the big picture!

  • Unlimited number of teams and/or backlogs
  • Easily define and manage backlog access rights
  • Manage parent-child relationships via an intuitive graphical interface

Sprint Management

Leanient - BacklogsWhether a member of a development team or a product owner handling multiple teams; all functionality to easily manage your work is available in Leanient’s Sprint Manager. Sprint content can be retrieved from any accessible backlog or moved across teams with a simple drag-n-drop interface. Detailed team management and statistics make it is easier than ever to handle teams and ensure better productivity. Burndown charts, sprint cards and enhanced impediments support are just the start of what can be done with Leanient.

  • Multi-team and multi-sprint management
  • Robust resource handling tool
  • Dedicated planning and sprint interface makes daily work management a snap for all


Release Planning

Leanient’s Release Planning solution simplifies project management regardless of complexity. Visibility across multiple teams and organizations ensures accurate completion forecasting via prioritization. This approach enables you to identify and drop less critical features when the schedule is critical. Crandion also understands that your company may have a unique way to manage release planning; therefore, our customer account teams will work with you to tailor a custom solution based on your needs.

  • Multi-tier release management
  • Manage projects by fixed time or fixed content

Document handling

Leanient’s Document Manager and Version Control System allows you to effortlessly store, search, share, and manage documents. Our intelligent document manager enables you to create links based on predefined rules or to a specific document/version, add metadata, and create unique URL interfaces for inclusion in emails, web pages, reports, or where ever you need them.

  • Easily handle multiple versions of the same document
  • Create document link to virtually any entity and version
  • Link rules save time for large document collections
  • Leanient Global Search finds the right document quickly



Reports are pivotal in disseminating information which is why Leanient’s Reporting Engine provides both standard and easy-to-create custom reports with formats familiar to your organization. Leanient Reports can be created from any data source and include an external interface enabling simple inclusion in emails, other documents, and web pages. Leanient supports many of the common formats used today, such as: HTML, PDF, MS Office, OpenOffice and access rights management ensures that only the appropriate eyes view your reports.

Integration with other tools

Even though Leanient is a complete project management solution, it would limit your organizational efficiency if you couldn’t incorporate existing data sources and tools. Leanient is fully integrated with common industry solutions, both proprietary like SalesForce and open source like Bugzilla or CruiseControl. In-house developed or custom system can be integrated with Leanient by a call to our expert customer account team. At Leanient, we enable you to utilize your company’s tools and efficiencies!


.. and more

Leanient is a feature rich solution. If you don’t see what you are looking for or would like more information, please contact us to learn how you can experience the Leanient difference!


Leanient - Product Brief

   Leanient Product Brief